FairFrontiers is an inter- and transdisciplinary research project
examining transformations of tropical forest-agriculture frontiers
in Cameroon, DR Congo, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar;
with a focus on issues of politics, power, precarity, and equity.

A frontier is an edge of space and time: a zone of not yet – not yet mapped, ‘not yet’ regulated…
Frontiers are not just discovered at the edge;
they are projects in making geographical and temporal experiences.

KELLY & PELUSO (2015), Frontiers of Commodification: State Lands and Their Formalization

Today’s frontiers of capitalism are not remote or ‘‘newly discovered’’ spaces. Instead, these frontiers are new commodity forms within the confines of already formalized state lands.
Some of these lands were set aside in reaction to the most rapacious forms of capital, and some were a product of capital’s working through the state to dispossess competing land claimants.

TSING (2003), Natural Resources and Capitalist Frontiers

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